Thursday, March 3, 2011

Business Update: Location Location Location

Last time, I mentioned that I was planning to franchise a food cart. I thought it was a nice idea since I see a lot of food cart businesses blooming in a mall near our place. But when I saw how high the rental rates are on malls, I immediately sought other places where I can set up my chosen business.

I browsed several, if not hundreds, of ads online for commercial space rentals with good foot traffic and low lease rates. I did not specify where exactly I'm about to rent so I would have a wide selection of places but still within Cebu. I was on my umpteenth ad when I stumbled on something. Commercial space for rent in XXX...Hey! That's our barangay! I instantly thought that it would be best if the business place is near our house so it would be easier to go there everyday. Also, the fare for purchasing supplies would be cheaper. I immediately scribbled the ad owner's contact number and text messaged him the next morning after I have informed hubby about my prospect place.

But checking out the place did not come easy. It took 3 days of attempts before we finally came to visit the site. Aside from us being busy, we also had emergencies and the owner was obviously busy too so we had to check on each other's schedule before we could finally meet up.

Anyway, the place was nice. It was not too big for just a small business but not too small. The location is also a plus with moderate to heavy human traffic but no loiters. Beside the stall is a bakery with non-stop flow of customers (the reason why we decided that the place has good human traffic). After just a few minutes inside the room, the owner gave us a quick trip in front of the place to let us see that business is good in the place. And after just a couple of minutes, I told hubby that I'm decided to grab the deal. Of course we told the owner that we would think about it and she gave us a whole month to decide. But it took us only, I think, three hours to decide and inform the owner that we're ready to sign the leasing contract.

I was really the one who decided to get the place so I hope I made the right decision *cross finger* and may our business-to-be bloom there.

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