Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Nappy

Diapers are a lifesaver but they don't come in free. But since diapers made our lives (us moms and also dads) so much easier, we just can't vanish it from our lives and I don't wanna argue with that. But since everything is on a price hike, let me give you tips on how you can save on your baby's nappy and the things that take care of your baby's bottom.

Babies use a lot of nappies everyday that's why they consume a lot of the baby budget.But you don't have to limit the number of diapers your baby uses because it can result to urinary tract infection or rashes; so instead of saving, you're more likely to spend more on medicines and feel guilty by making your baby sick.
Instead of limiting the numbers of nappies your baby uses, look for a brand that is more inexpensive but also has a good quality. Brand names and price tags don't really matter as long as your baby isn't allergic to the nappy. Experiment on different brands. Buy a few pieces the first time and once you have chosen the best brand you will use, that's the time you buy in bulk so you won't end up wasting nappies that your baby cannot use.

Baby Wipes
You don't always have to use baby wipes to clean your baby's bottom every time she poops. We all know that baby wipes are expensive and a big waste of money if you'll use it even if you're just at home. Save the wipes for outdoor nappy changes and save the money for other more important things.
Instead of wipes, use cotton balls damped with soapy water to wipe you baby's bottom when she poops. Then rinse it off with water. Aside from being cheaper, it will make your baby's bottom cleaner, thus, lessens the risk of infections and rashes.

To make rinsing easier, just spray your baby's bottom with clean water from a spray bottle. That way, you can avoid spills from dippers. It also saves you a lot of time because the spray bottle is ready to use and doesn't need time preparing.
You can also do the same with the soapy water.

IMO, baby powders are not really necessary in bottom care. Instead of protecting your baby, it can cause infection when it enters your baby's urinary tract by accident. And I don't think it really prevents rashes because it will only be washed away when your little one pees.
Best thing to do if you think your baby is prone to rashes is to change her nappies on time. You can also change the brand of the diaper if you think it is what's causing the problem. Or better yet, ask your baby's pedi for a diaper rash cream. Yes, it can be more expensive than baby powders but that's the thing you want to make an investment on. It is better to spend a few extra bucks than to let your kiddo suffer from those burning and irritating rashes.

Bottomline: Don't be afraid to experiment when it comes to taking care of your little one to be able to save more but be sure that you do research first before you apply it on your baby. And always tell your baby's pedi whatever you have in mind so she can guide you through the changes you wanna make in your parenting style.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Postpartum Hair Loss

While you were pregnant, perhaps you noticed that your hair got thick and you didn't lose much hair than usual. It's because your estrogen level gets high while you were pregnant, making your hair's resting stage (your hair is ready to fall off) delayed. But after a few months postpartum your estrogen gets unstable so more hair is at the resting stage resulting to more hair fall and you begin scooping lots of hair off the shower drain.
Hair loss after giving birth is quite normal so don't worry, you won't go bald. The thickness of your hair will come back by your baby's first birthday.
Also, you can't prevent your hair from falling out but there are things you can do to keep your tresses in good shape.

*Get a hair cut
Some new moms prefer to get a shorter hair after giving birth so it will be easier to manage.Also, hair loss seems to affect longer hair more because it's harder to maintain. Plus, the longer the hair, the harder it will be to comb out so more hair will fall off from the struggle of your brush against your tresses.

*Mousse and hair growers
You can apply hair mousse after bath so your hair will look thicker. You can also use hair growing agents if you want to help faster hair growth.

*Don't touch, kids
Babies tend to pull hair and that will lead to more hair loss. Don't let you baby or kids touch your hair.Pull your hair into a bun or a pony tail whenever you hold your baby. It will also lessen his risk of allergies from the dust and scent from hair products he could inhale from your hair.

*No stress
One big factor on hair loss is stress. So the more you think about your hair loss, the more your hair will fall off. Remember that your hair will come back to normal so don't panic and just enjoy the postpartum bliss with your new angel.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quick Mom Tip #4

Cut on the Smell

Put soiled diapers in individual plastic bags before dumping them in your trash can to cut on the smell. Also, use cans with lids so pets and rodents couldn't get on them and drag them around the house.

Quick Mom Tip#3

Baking Soda on Mugs

If your mugs were stained with coffee or tea from a long time of use, scrub it with baking soda then rinse before washing with your usual dish washing liquid or putting on the dish washer.

You can also use baking soda in scrubbing your stove top or sink. Also your teeth.

Quick Mom Tip #2

Salt on Bottle.

To avoid the nasty powder-like residue on your baby's bottles every time you sterilize it by boiling it for five minutes, use salt. After cleaning the bottles with dish washing liquid, rinse then scrub with salt. Rinse again thoroughly then sterilize as usual.

This will also prevent the bottle and teat from smelling like stale milk or dish washing liquid.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Quick Mom Tip #1

Quick tidying up with Laundry Basket.

If your house is a mess and you suddenly have guests arriving within five minutes, grab an empty laundry basket and duster. Walk around rooms especially the ones that the guests will likely to enter or stay at. Pick up all the stuff lying around and put them on the laundry basket while quickly dusting the furniture.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hello Kitty Room

Transforming a boring room into a Hello Kitty bedroom without a budget.

Since December last year, I have been planning on buying Gaby her own bed so she could move in her own bedroom next to ours. I wanted to move her to her own bedroom so I could decorate it with her Hello Kitty collection. But since she is still too small to sleep on her own, I decided to wait at least three years until I move her in the next bedroom. That's when I decided to turn our own bedroom into an HK room so I could still decorate Gaby's sleeping place with her HK stuff.
This is half of our bedroom which has the Hello Kitty theme. The other half, which I didn't take a photo of, is where the cabinets, drawers and boxes are in. I tried to separate the themed part of the room from the storage so it would look clean.

We just went home from our vacation in Cavite so I don't have the money to buy the HK furniture I've been eying for a while then so I just grab the HK stuff I have recently bought and decorated the room with them. It's far from being complete but I think it looks better than the older and boring bedroom we were used to.

I was planning on transforming the bed into a big Hello Kitty stuffed toy but I cannot find an HK bed sheet set or a good quality HK fabric so I guess I have to wait for quite a while until our HK room renovation would be complete.

TIP (wall decors):

If you're planning on putting on a big picture or poster of a famous character, say, Hello Kitty on your bedroom wall and you can't find a poster big enough or you just can't afford an expensive one, substitute it with an adult size bath towel. Just hang the towel with a string attached to hooks so you wouldn't need to puncture the towel with nails. Once your towel is already dirty with dust, you can just remove it from the string to wash without damaging the fabric.
Just like my HK towel from the photo above.*wink*

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Money Saving Tip #1

Vinegar Magic

Instead of using cleaning agents in your kitchen or bathroom, use vinegar instead.

Pour equal parts of vinegar and water into a spray bottle. Spray on kitchen counters and bathroom sink then wipe with a clean sponge.

In cleaning the bathroom, pour vinegar on the floor and bowl. Let stand for an hour or over night before scrubbing and rinsing.

Aside from saving you extra bucks, no worries with harmful chemicals also.

Hello Kitty Collection Part II

Here is the second batch of my baby's HK collection pictures.Some were bought from Cavite last Christmas. Errrmmm, I must admit, some of them are my stuff. Hehe...HK bags, pouches, and pillow from the tiangge.

Yeah, Spongebob isn't part of the Sanrio family... I just bought it because whenever I put him in front of Gaby's face, she giggled and tried to pull out Spongebob's big front teeth.This HK photo-and-clock set was also bought in Cavite along with the stuff above.
Daddy joined in the fun of HK collecting and bought this big HK wallclock for Gaby, yay!
HK stickers so Gaby would have something to stick to the ref, walls and anything that is off limits for stickers. Hehe.
Gaby's favorite HK bottle. (She's not a big fan of feeding bottles cuz she's breastfed but she loves this one.)
Her first HK bottle bought in Robinson's Imus, Cavite with my glittery glittery pouch.

Hello Kitty room decoration to follow!( in the next blog)

Hello Kitty Collection

No birthday party update for today because of Gaby's pedi visit but I'll show you her growing Hello Kitty collection. Yes, even 9 month old babies have collections and here is one: Hello Kitty.

Collecting HK for my daughter began when we were watching Youtube. I was looking for a way to entertain her while I scribble on my notepad planning to write a blog and decided child-friendly videos would do. I browsed Youtube and searched for nursery rhymes but the kiddie songs didn't seem to entertain her so I looked for cartoons. I randomly selected Hello Kitty's song, "Little Kitty" by Creamy and it instantly got her attention. She was so keen in watching and it was like she understood the video. Gaby would pout and shake my hand whenever the video stopped to make me pay it again. I then searched for other HK videos and found out that she really liked the rounded cute face of Hello Kitty.

After that, whenever we go to the mall, she would reach for HK stuffs so I thought she had recognized Hello Kitty. Once she had got a chance to rob one from a shelf, she wouldn't let go so from then on, I started buying her HK stuff.
This is the first item on her HK collection. A bedroom rug. Well, it's not really an HK rug; it's just a plain rug which I sewed with HK patches and silver butterflies.

I bought this HK lamp and the following stuff (below) from a mall with 20% off, yay! I love mall sales.

HK Heart- shaped pillow.

HK hotdog pillow. She can't use it for now cuz it's too big for her but, hey, it's cute!

HK pillow.

HK towel for adults. And lastly...

HK fabric which I hand sewed into a set of bed sheet, blanket and pillow case.

These are some of Gaby's HK collection which, as I said earlier, I bought from a mall sale and even though some of the things are a bit too big for her to use, I bought them anyway because I know she will use them in the future.

TIP (for buying baby stuff):

It's better to buy stuff such as clothes that are a bit bigger for your baby than smaller or exact ones. Babies grow really fast and if you buy stuff that are just the exact size, it will only be used for a couple of weeks because your baby will outgrow it immediately.

More HK stuff on PART II!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Party Souvenirs

Baby Party Update #2

The first thing that went to my mind when I saw these cute pink Hello Kitty pencils was my baby's party souvenirs I'm about to make. I thought these will make a perfect handle for my Hello Kitty towel lollipop souvenir project and because it was also the cheapest set of pencils I found, I immediately bought 2 packs.
The towel lollipop will not only make a great souvenir but also a useful one. The guest can roll out the towel and use it while the pencil can make a toddler happy especially in writing on wall...hehe.

Party Hats!

Baby Party Update #1

The first thing I bought for my baby's birthday party...errr, hats. Hehe

Earlier, I've found red HK party hats packed in 4s for Php35.00 and thought it was already cheap but i didn't buy them immediately and looked about some more. Me and hubby have been looking around the mall yesterday hoping to find new cheap stuff I could buy for my baby's party. And, yay, I found these pretty Hello Kitty party hats!
The paper used is thick so it won't easily tear and the print is quite nice. You also have to assemble the packed hats which is a hassle. The color (lighter than the packed hats also) matches the theme more which is pink.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Birthday Party Preparation Tips

Planning a birthday and baptismal party has never been this exciting AND stressful. It's gonna be my daughter's birthday on April and as a mom, I want the party to be a blast. So even though it's only January, I'm already going about malls and internet stores to canvass the things needed for the party. I want the celebration to be memorable but I don't wanna go overboard on the expenses.

If you're also planning for a party, read on. Perhaps you'll find some useful tips on how you can make your kiddo's party a success while cutting your budget in half. *wink*

Here are some tips on planning for a kiddie party...

*Budget First
>The most important thing to consider first in organizing a party is your budget. It will determine what type or how big your party will be. After you have set a budget, everything else will follow.

*Guest Count
>List all the guests in a notepad so you will know how many people there will be on the party. Divide the list into 2; one for the adults and the other for the kids. This way, you can budget your money more easily on the food you're going to serve and for the giveaways and party favors as well.

>The biggest part of your budget must be on the food you're about to prepare because it will be the one you will serve the guests. It will play a very big part on the celebration. It will be the biggest basis, aside from the program/games, for the party's success because if the guests are happy and impressed with what you have prepared, then the party is already a success.

*Theme or No-Theme Party
>Decide early whether you want the party to have a theme or not. The earlier you decide, the earlier you can canvass for the party supplies so you can look around for cheaper deals.

*Where and When
>Look around your house and think if your house can accommodate all the guests or whether you have the budget to rent a place for the party venue. And if you are planning to celebrate on a park, a restaurant or somewhere else, fix the date of the party early. This way, you will have time to look around cheaper venues.

*Print/Buy Invitations Early
>After you have decided about the theme, venue and date of the party, it's time to make the invitations especially if the guests who were about to invite are always busy. Give out invitations a month to 2 weeks before the party so your guests will have time to RSVP.

*Cheap, Cheaper, Cheapest
>In buying party supplies, go to places where there are always bargains and sales. Remember, you have to buy a lot of party hats, loot bags, giveaways, other favors and game prizes so you have to look for places who sell those for cheap prices. If you find something you think is cheap, don't buy them immediately. There could be someplace else where they sell the same stuff for a lesser price. Look around first and go back to the store selling what you're looking for for the cheapest price.If you frequent on malls, ask salesclerks when the mall will have a sale so you will know when to do your shopping.

>The best thing to do is enjoy! Don't get too stressed about the preparations. Relax, everything may not go according to every detail of your plan but believe me, everything will turn out great.

Hope these simple tips will help you plan your little one's party easier.

More tips and updates on my baby's party tomorrow!

Why Mumbada?

Maybe you're wondering why the title of this blog is Mumbada. Well, it's the combination of MUM, BAby and DAddy. So obviously, this blog is about the adventures of a new mom, a bouncing baby girl and a first time dad.
But it's not just about that; here, you'll find useful stuff you can use in your daily life especially in running a household and caring for your angels... be it tips on de-cluttering your home to learning how to choose what to feed your family. So if you have some questions in mind regarding your baby, hubby or even dinner, leave a comment so I can answer those questions with my posts... :)