Saturday, March 5, 2011

Business Update: Contract Signing

First thing to look for when setting up a business is location. So yesterday, we signed the leasing contract for the place that I was talking about in my last two posts. It was a simple, no further ado signing and payment of initial rental payment.

I was glad that the owner was approachable and was even giving advice on what to put on the establishment to maximize our income. And we were thinking of the same things as for the store concept. Hehe. Am I business minded already?

Anyway, they would clean and fix the place first before giving us the keys so we can start doing our own renovation/beautification according to the shop needs. There would be a sub-meter for the electricity which is good because we would only pay for what we had consumed unlike other commercial places that there is a fixed charge. Water supply is not a problem also.

So, all in all, I think it was a nice place with a nice lessor.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Business Update: From One to Two

My first business choice was food cart which is blooming this year but there is one factor that made me think twice. Mall space rent. The rates are so high that I know that we would not be able to make a decent profit. Everything will go down the drain straight to the mall management. Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against malls, their rental rates or stores renting in malls. What I'm trying to say is if a noob like me would dare try to rent in such places and not know how to properly manage the business or how much income I could earn to make ends meet, wouldn't that be too risky? It's as if throwing money out the window.

So, as what I have mentioned in my earlier post, I have resolved to renting a commercial space outside a mall. And because of that, I had another business that I can set up. A sari-sari store. Therefore, from a simple food cart, I have 'upgraded' my business plan to sari-sari store with food cart. Hehe.

I know that sari-sari stores don't earn that much because of very low mark-up on every item but I thought that it would be better to have something else than just food cart. The little profit that I could make from sari-sari store can help support the rent and other business expenses. It wouldn't be much but little is better than nothing at all. Besides, it would be a waste of space if I wouldn't use the whole stall for something profitable.

Business Update: Location Location Location

Last time, I mentioned that I was planning to franchise a food cart. I thought it was a nice idea since I see a lot of food cart businesses blooming in a mall near our place. But when I saw how high the rental rates are on malls, I immediately sought other places where I can set up my chosen business.

I browsed several, if not hundreds, of ads online for commercial space rentals with good foot traffic and low lease rates. I did not specify where exactly I'm about to rent so I would have a wide selection of places but still within Cebu. I was on my umpteenth ad when I stumbled on something. Commercial space for rent in XXX...Hey! That's our barangay! I instantly thought that it would be best if the business place is near our house so it would be easier to go there everyday. Also, the fare for purchasing supplies would be cheaper. I immediately scribbled the ad owner's contact number and text messaged him the next morning after I have informed hubby about my prospect place.

But checking out the place did not come easy. It took 3 days of attempts before we finally came to visit the site. Aside from us being busy, we also had emergencies and the owner was obviously busy too so we had to check on each other's schedule before we could finally meet up.

Anyway, the place was nice. It was not too big for just a small business but not too small. The location is also a plus with moderate to heavy human traffic but no loiters. Beside the stall is a bakery with non-stop flow of customers (the reason why we decided that the place has good human traffic). After just a few minutes inside the room, the owner gave us a quick trip in front of the place to let us see that business is good in the place. And after just a couple of minutes, I told hubby that I'm decided to grab the deal. Of course we told the owner that we would think about it and she gave us a whole month to decide. But it took us only, I think, three hours to decide and inform the owner that we're ready to sign the leasing contract.

I was really the one who decided to get the place so I hope I made the right decision *cross finger* and may our business-to-be bloom there.

Food Cart Business Plan

For 2 days now, I have been thinking and researching about food cart businesses.Why? Because...

As part of our medium to long-term plan, me and my partner have decided to build a business. But building a business from scratch is too hard and too risky particularly for noobs like us. We have never set up a business before so we wanted something that is not too complicated to understand and manage. He handed me the responsibility of finding a nice business idea because I'm fond of researching and reading through forums, articles and anything that can give me information about that particular something. So I wandered around the internet in search of a good business idea and I landed on food cart business.

There are loads of advertisements about no-franchise-fee food cart businesses with small initial investments so I was persuaded to look into one of the ads and inquire about the stuff. And here are some things I noticed I must consider in making a franchise.

I was delighted to know that it was not really that hard to franchise a food cart business. You can attend seminars with food tasting included every week or even everyday at their respective venues. The agents were nice and are willing to answer to all your queries even if I hadn't attended the seminar yet. One agent was willing to provide all the necessary requirements to me even though she was not sure if I was going to get a franchise or was just making a prank: which is a shame to those who only waste agents' time although there are a lot of reasons why potential clients back out.

The hard part though is finding a place where to set up your food cart. Malls have standards thatrent a space inside the mall. And you have to present requirements even before you can inquire about the lease price, which is reasonable because they would be crowded with mundane queries if they don't set up proper procedures. Aside from the fact that it's hard to find a spot, the monthly rentals nowadays are sky high. You have to pay a couple of months deposit which is quite heavy if you don't have much money to invest. Also, there is 1-2 years of leasing contract which could be a problem if you plan on moving your cart before the end of the said contract.

Third is manpower. You have to find an employee who is responsible, honest, hard-working and with pleasing personality. Because one important key in any business success is its employees. Your employees will be the one to take care of your business and serve the customers so it is really important to be meticulous in choosing an employee. Aside from the quality of your products, another thing that your customers will be noticing is the crew/personnel. Some people choose not to buy from a certain store even if the product quality is good because of the attitude of the salespeople. Product and service quality must always go hand in hand in any business.

So those were some of the things one must consider before being a franchisee. Hope these helped. And in my next posts will be the updates on my food cart franchise adventures.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cash Twist: Confirming Referral Payments

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Heart Jelly Mold?

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Here is the finished experiment...err, product.

Labor of Love!

After the flowers have arrived, I gave him the jelly mold (read cut again). We had an exchange gift. :D

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Moving to Wordpress

Hi Guys!

I don't know if this is a sad or good news...Hehe...

I'm now moving my 'improved' blog to Wordpress...
I have imported all my posts and your comments to my new blog site
and I hope that you will FOLLOW me there... XD

To those who want to see and subscribe to my new blog,
here is the LINK:

In here, more online opportunities will be posted and updated.
I will also give tips on how YOU can earn online
and give you sites where you can look for online jobs...
while still posting simple blogs
such as my family's adventures in our daily life.

See you there!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

No More Toothless Gummy Grin

Gaby has now 4 teeth. Her pearly whites came out ALL at once just last January after almost five months of teething. Now, everytime she smiles, she would show off her new set of teeth.

And as for the bite, ouch! She's still breastfed
(mixed fed since last month) so I'm having problems with her biting habit particularly when she was still teething. Biting was gone now after a very deep wound she left on my left boobie. I wasn't able to breastfeed her for a week (but I did pump) because blood would leak from the wound whenever she would suckle. Thankfully, it was all over now and we both enjoy her breastfeeding sessions.

Who could resist that GUMMY SMILE.
Yeah, she loves picture taking and would giggle whenever I point the camera at her.

I'm glad for she can now munch on her food. She thinks she's already an adult so she loves eating solid foods and rejects soft foods or semi-liquid ones. But I'm also missing her toothless grin. Her smile could melt the glacier on north pole even if it is just gummy and toothless.

She also loves to bite my nose when she still had no teeth, which I tot
ally permit because no harm being done on my face. But since her teeth sprouted, I had to ward off her love-bite because I don't want her to think that biting is okay. I now have to tell her that it's not okay to bite people because it hurts them, which breaks my heart because I know that she means no harm with her love-bite. Nonetheless, love-bite is off limits from now on.

No More Toothless Gummy Gummy Grin Now

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Missing Tagaytay

I was just randomly looking at our Christmas vacation on Cavite when something inside me stirred. It felt good and terrible at the same time. And I instantly knew what it was. Longing. It has only been almost 2 months since our Cavite get away but I'm already wishing it would be Christmas again soon so we could go back to Luzon. Good thing that my family'd be visiting here on April for Gaby's birthday so I wouldn't have to wait long before I see them again. Nonetheless, I so want to visit Cavite particularly Tagaytay. Too bad I can't. There are a lot of more important things to spend the money on rather than jumping on the plane and head straight to Manila airport.

So to lessen the longing, I decided to create this post and attach some of the pictures of our trip. just to feel that I made something out of the mementos of our visit in Cavite.

While my family was looking for a spot to have our picnic, I took this snap shot without them knowing resulting in protests because they didn't have time to 'look good' or to pose.

After lunch, Gaby decided to take a rest...on top of her auntie.

View of Taal Volcano from Picnic Grove.

Then off we went to People's Park in the Sky.

Those are my brothers taking a photo of the city below.

Road to People's Park. We can't see the top because of the fog.

I dunno if the thickening fog ruined or beautified the picture.

There you go.

Those were some of the photos I've taken on our picnic day at Tagaytay. I wanted to post more but it's hard to choose from hundreds of pictures. I took a lot and came home to Cebu with 973 photos and loads of videos in total.

(I wanted to go horse back riding like what we did before but after seeing a poor girl crying and being lifted on the ground by a stretcher, I changed my mind. (the girl was riding the horse when the beast suddenly go berserk. the girl fell on the ground and was kicked by the raging beast we were told))

Friday, February 11, 2011

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*photo credits:

Mompetition Pros and Cons

If you have read my previous post you'd already know what mompetition is. As for those who haven't already, mompetition is a competition between moms (particularly new or first-time moms) about how they raise they child/parenting style.

Now, enough of mompetition definition. In this post, I will list some pros and cons of mompetition that I know or notice. Yeah, mompetition can be annoying but it isn't always about just competition. In my own opinion, there are also good things caused by mompetition.


*Makes Women a Better Parent
Because of mompetition, women always thrive to be better. They do what they think is best for their children to be able to be on 'top'. Moms always look for ways on how to improve their cooking skills, baby bathing and soothing techniques and a lot more. This is good because moms never stop on taking good (read very good...err..perfect) care of their children.

*Makes Moms Fit
Moms take care of themselves more because they don't want not to be able to take care of their family. They do exercises and have healthy diet so they will be fit enough to take care of their kids. Moms want to be at their best so they can give their best to their family.


*Makes Moms More Stressed
Always thinking/trying to be on top makes it hard for moms to enjoy what they are doing. Because mothers competing with one another (openly/consciously or not) are often thinking about their parenting style than needed so instead of feeling contented about a job well done, they feel compelled on making things 'better'.

*Ends/Worsens Once Good Friendships
Mom friends who contend with one another (consciously or not) might end their friendship because of difference in their beliefs regarding childcare. Aside from that, sometimes mommy friends come to hate one another when they get insecure. If one is better at something than the other, the inferior one often gets insecure or becomes envious which might result in hatred.

*Makes Mom Spend Money More Than Needed
If one mom spends a thousand bucks on a can of milk alone, her peer might feel compelled to buy the same milk brand. Or if a neighbor mom has an expensive collection of baby bottles, the mom next door might buy some expensive bottles too, which in most cases isn't really needed.

Mompetition sometimes forces mothers to buy more expensive stuff for their children even if those weren't really a necessity just to be able to keep up. So often, more important things are being sacrificed like mortgage, car loans, educational plans, savings or thrust funds.

*Makes Moms Enjoy Less
Because mothers try to better themselves, they think 24/7 about taking better care of their family. They often forget themselves particularly their former selves. Pre-baby, women took care of, they don't even take a shower. Moms forget about recreational activities, relaxation or even rest.

*Makes Moms Often Tired and Frustrated
As what I have mention earlier, mothers often forget about themselves, thus, forgetting about rest. They try to do everything at once all the time and don't leave anything for themselves. Lack of rest results to over-fatigue and women involuntarily makes mistakes which results to frustration.

It is great if moms think about her family always but rest is a must.

*photo credit:examinerdotcom


Mompetition. Oh, the word. It may sound funny but it really is not. Mompetition obviously came from the words 'mom' and 'competition'. Yes, as what the words suggest, it is competition between moms. And most of the time, it happens in new moms or first-time moms. Women with babies or small children are often the 'contenders' in mompetition. But it is not about a contest like the ones in singing , dancing or chess tournament. It is about how women raise their children. It can be from what kind of milk their baby drinks (breast milk or formula) to whether their baby sleeps through the night or not.

Mompetition revolves around 'what is right and wrong when it comes to childcare'. Moms tend to compare themselves to others on just about anything regarding their families. Who's better at making their babies sleep better, eat healthier foods, use more expensive bottles, etc.
It is not openly spoken but mompetition happens in the real world, specifically in 'mom world', and it happens every single day. Some mom are being obsessed in this kind of competition that it rules their lives. They wouldn't be able to go to sleep unless they know that they own a better bouncer than their neighbor. Or that her baby eats more vegetables than her friend's toddler.

It can be very annoying especially if you are IN the mompetition. You will most likely not enjoy your parenting style because you keep on thinking if it is the best or if your best friend's parenting style is better than yours. You may be unaware of it but you could be one of 'mompetitors' in your place or circle of friends.

I myself think that mompetition is in every mother's heart. It is in our blood. Not because we are hungry for rivalry but because we want to prove to ourselves (and perhaps others) that we are a great parent... maybe better than others. I too can feel it running through my veins. I feel compelled to be the best mom there ever is. Better than any other mom I know. But more often than not, I do my best to enjoy parenthood and don't let mompetition ruin my parenting style.

Yes, there can be times when I compare myself to others but not in a bad way. I try to look at things through their view point and see the reason behind their style of parenting. We really don't know the reason why parents do the things they do in raising their child so I think it isn't right to judge them or compare ourselves to them. Perhaps what's right to you isn't to them or vice versa. So I think it is just right to give other parents space and don't interfere with their ways unless you find it very improper or it endangers their child in any way.

*picture from dailymaildotcomdotuk

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hair Fall Update

I've been suffering from hair fall for months now since I gave birth to my daughter. I'm not much worried about getting bald though because my OB assured me that it will go away after my baby's first birthday. But since I'm annoyed with my hair being all over the house, I decided to lessen the hair fall by taking care of my tresses.

Since last January, I've been doing some simple steps on taking care of my hair. Maybe you can use these steps too to avoid hair fall.

*Hair Cut My hair was down to my waist but now just down to the bra line. I had it cut to get rid of split ends and to lessen my burden of combing it out since my hair is curly. Yeah, not just wavy but curly. It would swirl into spirals when air dried. Also, the weight pulls the hair down and damages my curls. Naturally curly haired girls are not advisable to get long hair because it damages the beautiful curls and it is harder to maintain a long curly hair than a medium to short ones. But don't cut your curly hair too short or your hair will 'fly away'.

*Hot Oil I haven't used hair products on my hair when I was pregnant until I gave birth so my hair ended up bringing so dry. So the first thing I did aside from having a hair cut is hot oil. The hair stylist recommended Matrix Hydratherapie because it would hydrate my dry hair and it's also gentle so I won't lose more hair. It was a bit pricey but so worth it.

*Home Hair Treatments
Taking care of your hair doesn't stop at the salon. The best thing you can do to lessen your trips to the salon is home treatments. I sometimes put aloe vera on my hair. Yes, the natural aloe vera juice from it's thorny leaves. Gently pound the leaf before cutting it and applying the juice to your hair. That way, the juice would come out easily. It doesn't smell so good but try to let it stay in your hair overnight. I also use Creamsilk Hair Treatment. I just bought a sachet to try it out and it worked well on my hair. It wasn't tangled and it smelled nice too. I'm definitely gonna be using it weekly.

*Mild/Herbal Shampoo I used 6 in 1 Aloe Vera Hair Treatment and got great results. But I ran out and haven't bought another bottle yet so I tried Avon's Natural Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner. It has macadamia oil and aloe vera extract. I researched about the main contents and found out it really nourishes the scalp, preventing hair fall. So far, it is good and my hair is not as bad as before I had taken care of it.

*Scalp Massage I try to squeeze scalp massage on my daily (crazy) schedule. I would massage my scalp whenever me and dear daughter are watching TV. It stimulates the blood flow on my scalp making it easier for the nutrients to reach the hair follicles. I don't use any kind of oil, though. I just massage it. You can use macadamia or coconut oil if you want for additional care.

Hope these simple steps will help you overcome the dreadful hair fall. ;D

*some of the pictures aren't mine
hair cut=niaonlinedotcom
scalp massage=aromatherapy-for-youdotcom

Reading to Your Baby

Others think it's kinda awkward when you read stories to a baby. Especially when she is just a few months old because she apparently doesn't understand what you're saying. But some think it's sweet and nurturing particularly mothers. Personally, I think reading to your baby is an important form of bonding.

By reading to your baby, even before she can understand everything you're saying to her, you're not just bonding with your baby but also teaching her a good habit; reading. You're also nourishing her mentally by enriching her vocabulary as well as her imagination. Teaching your child the joy of reading has a great impact on her life. Being fond of reading will make learning easier and more enjoyable for her in the future.

Reading to your baby can also s
erve as a bedtime routine. After a warm bath, read to your baby before putting her to bed. In time, she will associate reading every evening with sleeping. It will be easier for you to put her to bed because she knows it's your cue telling her that bedtime is coming.

Here are some tips in buying kids' books.

*Colorful and
Buy books that have lots of drawings and color. It doesn't h
ave to contain lots of words at first. Let the kids enjoy looking at the pictures first so they will not get bored easily. After they seem to enjoy the books, you can buy more books with richer text. Babies will also appreciate looking at the illustrations while you read to them.

*Choose Different Kinds

If you're going to read to a baby, it's best to buy simple story books
with illustrations at every page at first. Also, try to look for ones containing words that will expand her vocabulary but don't go overboard. A few words that you don't use when talking to your baby is ok. In toddlers, aside from story books, you can also add educational books. The ones teaching the different parts of the body or simple math like counting.

*Sturdy Cardboard Material for Baby Books
Look for books that has thick hard cardboard pages. Babies mouth/bite on e
verything including books. Cardboard books can endure your baby's drool and emerging teeth as well as the page ripping rather than ordinary paper. You can start buying 'ordinary' books in you child's 'toddlerhood'. At this time, if you've started teaching them how to take care of books since 'birth', they will likely use the books as intended. For reading and not for teething.

*Buy in Secondhand Shops/Borrow from the Library
Books don't have to be expensive or brand new. There are a lot of shops selling used books in great condition for half the price or less. Or you can go to the public library in your place and just borrow. Just be sure to be careful with it and return it on time.Be considerate to other readers. No one wants to read a book with torn or missing pages.

*Teaches Lessons
Buy books that teaches values. Story books are a good source of values. Find parable collections. After reading the book to your child, tell her about the values that the story is telling and explain why being good is important. Hope these tips will help. Whatever reading material you choose to read to your child, the most important thing is how you bond with your little one through reading. Give a lot of cuddle and smooches while enjoying the book together and make an everlasting precious memory.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

FoodMoney Talk

I'm the type of person who could spend little on other things but doesn't have the heart to tighten my belt on food. For me, it's the major reason why people work: so they can buy food. So why work hard when you spend very little on the most important thing that you should buy? Food is our number one necessity so I think it is only rightful to spend as much as one can afford on it. But not to the extent of buying exaggeratingly expensive foods if you could save a little by buying the cheaper ones. As I've said, spend only what you can afford but don't starve yourself just for the sake of being thrifty and saving money.

Buy foods that are nutritious yet without having the price tag that would make your heart skip a beat. Vegetables are your best options. They are healthy and not that pricey especially if you buy them in the palengke rather than the supermarket. Also, veggies from the public market are fresher. Another thing, avoid frozen meals. Aside from being expensive, they don't taste too well. Frozen peas, fries and burger patties costs double and they may contain preservatives which is not good.

Also, try to downsize your grocery list. To avoid dumping precious food in the trash bin, buy only what's needed and what you think people in your house will surely eat. Just like what I'm about to do now because everything is on a price hike nowadays. We just did our grocery shopping yesterday and almost all the things on my grocery list had an increase in prices. Before, our weekly grocery would only cost about a thousand or so. Now we're lucky that we only paid 2k+. Thankfully, my pantry wasn't fully empty yet or we'd be paying 3k+ again like last week. We are only two adults in the house right now so I think it's not practical anymore to spend 3k a week for viand alone.

Yeah, it hurts to tighten the belt on food expenses especially if you wanna provide scrumptious and nutritious food for your family. But with a little determination, practicality and creativity, one can still serve mouth watering healthy dishes and still be able to slash some stash from the budget and send the money to the kids' savings account.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

First Valentine's as a Family

I don't know if I should look forward to the upcoming Valentine's Day or not. Well, I'm kinda excited because it will be our first Valentine's as a family. A complete family cuz now we have a baby. But on the second thought, I think it's better to just let the day pass as if it's just an ordinary day. It's not that I think Heart's Day is just for adults and it's not appropriate to celebrate with a baby. For me, Feb 14 should also be Family Day because it's a day when people love to give their hearts out just like Christmas. And you don't have to show your love just to your partner but also to everyone you love especially your kids if you have one.

So why the dilemma? Well, having a baby pretty much turns your wallet upside down so I think it's not practical anymore to celebrate Valentine's Day by eating out or seeing a movie. The money you could spend in your date could be deposited in your kiddo's bank account or educational plan instead. But... yes, but... it is also a special time because it is a FIRST in your baby's life. Wouldn't it be nice to take pictures on your Heart's day get away and make some everlasting memories? So you could show it to your kid someday and tell him how special that day was because he was already in the family.

Yeah, it was not Christmas so it was not as important as others might think it must be. But it is a day when people celebrate their love for one another...and that love brought that child to you both.
Yeah, I'm maybe being overly sentimental about this. I just want to make every firsts of my baby memorable.

The date doesn't help either. Valentine's is one day short from payday! Oh well, I usually get my money every 18th so it wouldn't help if for some odd reason they move VD a day late.

So I guess I'd better be planning this ahead so I could give hubby and baby something nifty without breaking the bank. Part II on Feb 15!